13 adorable 2nd birthday party ideas: Cake, Outfit, decor

Happy Birthday to your “Cute little Happiness Box”! Parenting is gladsome. It’s really enjoyable to see the growth of kids. Now he/she is at the door of his/her 2nd birthday. Likely, your estimable baby has been starting to sit, crawl and

talk a little bit. It feels heavenly bliss to any parents. You may feel a bit excited about your child’s upcoming second birthday and looking for a 2nd birthday party ideas. It’s natural! As a parent, I would have felt like so. Ummmmm I can share some amazing birthday party ideas. Hope, these ideas may help you. 

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Second birthday party ideas at home: 

At the age of 2, at home birthday party ideas are suitable most I think. It’s an effort only to make our child happy. We parents just do what they love to do or see

It’s not necessary that any birthday party has to be so gorgeous or gala. It may be a simple at-home environment. Just bake or purchase a cake, wear a colorful dress and enjoy yourself with your family. It’s appreciable too.

But, if you want bright or frilly something, I like to share my ideas for your 2 years baby boys or baby girls birthday party.

Before starting 2 points keep in mind. 

  1. You know, at the age of 2, toddlers like to play with new people. It’s very common, babies like to play with other babies like him/her. So, it would be best if you invite your relatives and neighbor’s child including their parents.
  2.  Always keep your eyes on babies so that they don’t get hurt anyhow. Any small accident can destroy all the planning of happiness.”

second birthday party ideas

2nd birthday party ideas for girls baby at home: 

These themes suit most with your baby girl. Look through the whole and choose the favorite one. 

Idea 1: Fairy theme: Gorgeous one

Fairy tale theme is an excellent idea to make your kiddo happy. It is simple too. Your little cute baby will look like a fairy and she will feel like a special one. Can’t wait to see this? Hahaa. 

Invite relatives and neighbors with their children to make the environment festive. It will also make your child happy. She will find her playing partner. 


Need to purchase a fairy-like dress. I like blue or white. Or, you can buy your favorite anyone. Make sure the fairy dress is designed with fairy wings. Actually, fairy wings make the dress special. 


Purchase a fairy character fondant cake that reflects the theme. I suggest vanilla cake and blue “fairy fondant” in the middle. 


As you are planning to celebrate the birthday in a home environment, you can make some handicrafts to decorate your room. Make some colorful fairy with the paper or paper box and attach them to the wall. 

Colorful birthday balloons are available in the market to buy. Use balloons in the room corner.

Besides you can do color paint on the wall. Can put a red carpet on the floor. Colorful light will add extra elegance to your room. 

Idea 2: Unicorn theme: Full of festive 

You know your child best. If you think she is fascinated by unicorns, then you can pick this idea to make the environment festive. Call your neighbor’s child and give them a birthday hat to fulfill the celebration. 


Unicorns and rainbows dress are kinda same. So, you can dress your baby up in a white color gown. Be concerned about background decoration while selecting the dress. A cute hat can make the outfit perfect. Right? 


As you want. You can bake a cake at home or purchase from the market. Vanilla or chocolate both suit the unicorn idea. 


Colored balloons and colored paper are used widely in the unicorn theme for the birthday party. You also can use any handicraft or showpiece to decor your room. 

Idea 3: Minnie Mouse: Old is Gold

It seems like an old one. You know, old id gold. Gold is never dull. It can be a better choice for your cutie-pie. Still, as a 2nd birthday party idea, it’s so popular to the child as well as younger too. 


The most popular and known outfit of Minnie Mouse suits every girl child and looks so pretty. Dress up your baby with the white dotted red dress. Just like a Minnie Mouse. A red hat will be worth this outfit I think. 


Order a cake that carries the theme of the birthday party. Buy a red color cake with the “Minnie Mouse fondant”. 


In the Minnie Mouse theme, I prioritize the red background. You can purchase a custom colored paper with “Happy Birthday to My Baby Girl” written on it. Balloons and colored paper may be used. You may purchase a whole “Minnie Mouse Birthday Set” if available in the market.

2nd birthday party ideas for boys at home:  

Curious about the birthday party theme of your 2 years old baby boy? Tremendous things are waiting. Let’s see. 

Idea 4: Super Hero or any favorite character: I like most

Superhero and boys, a glaring combination! You can choose superman, batman or others. Invite your relative child, buy the dress for your boy and also for your close child. Make a full superhero gang and give the feel of your child of a Superhero of his kingdom. It’s unique and enjoyable to the child. A great bliss! 


You already have understood about the dress. Dress your baby up with a superhero costume. It’s better to buy the costume for the relative child too. Costly though! It’s your choice. 


Buy a birthday cake you like. Make sure, cake color matches your chosen superhero color and the background. 


Put the sticker on the wall of all superheroes your baby boy likes. Can do hand paint also. If you want to spend more dollars, then you can buy a superhero character from the market.

Idea 5: Favourite toys: Every child like it 

Buy all of your baby’s favorite toys you can afford. Put them on the floor or any basket. Invite your relative with their child and neighbors also. Let them all play together. It will undoubtedly give them a huge joy. 

Wanna try it for your baby girl? Sure, What not! 


Anything new, comfortable and colorful. Babies attract color. As all the babies will be busy in playing, try to dress them up with a comfortable dress. 


Purchase any cake you like most. Cake matching with the background color will be extraordinary. 


Simple! Decorate your room with colored paper and balloons. Can play mild music.

“One thing to mention again: As many children will play together,

put your eyes on them always”

Idea 6: Dinosaur themed party

Adorable one! Your 2 years old baby will like it certainly. Dress him up and let him play with his friends who are invited to the party. 


In the market, the dinosaur costume is available. Purchase one at your affordable price. Dress your baby up. Now he is ready to enjoy. 


Make the cake idea reflective. As you have chosen the dinosaur themed party, make the cake slightly greenish. Place the “Dinosaur theme” on the cake. 


Try to make your room near greenish. Collect some paper boxes and make a dinosaur shape with them. Use colored paper and a balloon as well to decorate your party room.

Gender-neutral party ideas for 2nd birthday at the home environment: 

There are also some awesome ideas for you. You can apply these for both of your baby boys or baby girls. I’m reassuring, your baby will enjoy these ideas. 

Idea 7: Balloon party: Enjoyable at an affordable budget

Balloon party ideas

Balloon party ideas

If you are thinking about the best budget birthday party planning that will make your baby happy, then this for you. Even this birthday party idea may be the most colorful birthday for your kiddo. 

It’s easy, affordable, colorful and enjoyable too. This party idea fully depends on the balloon. 


As the theme doesn’t contain any special character, it doesn’t need to purchase any specific dress. You can dress your baby up with any colorful and comfortable dress. If he/she likes any specific attire, buy it. Let him/her be happy. I personally like white and red mixed gown. 


Order a cake matching with the party theme to serve the guest as a starting. You can purchase any of your favorites.


It depends on how colorful your mind is! Use the colorful balloon to decorate your wall. Special birthday balloon is also available in the market. You easily can get it on your low budget. Full your whole room with the balloon, even on the floor to play with. 

Idea 8: Two-the-moon: Feel the space

It is one of the gorgeous themes and also popular for 2 years old babies. The specialty of this theme is it’s decoration and creating the feel of the space. 

Toddlers may not be suitable to understand the space but he/she has already listened about the moon and stars. Besides, space elements like stars, moon, rocket, astronauts, planet etc. attract any child. This kind of 2nd birthday party theme gives a little bit different feel than traditional.


This idea represents a dark theme. Try to create a “night-sky” environment full of stars and the moon. Dress your baby up with a small white dotted black dress matching with the background. Make sure the costume is comfortable enough. 


White dotted black cake is recommended to match with the theme environment. You can add extra anything you want.


Decorate your room wall with white dotted black painting. Implement a dark theme. You can use washable paint. Hang various space elements (moon, stars, rocket, planets and airplane) from the roof of your room. Mild lighting matching with the theme will add extra beauty.

Idea 9: A safari theme: Wild one

It’s an interesting theme to make a different environment at your two years baby’s birthday party. It’s an out of the box idea to implement. This theme is based on the wild environment with animals like tigers, lions, zebras, monkeys and so on. 

Won’t your baby like this? Almost every child loves animals. 


Try to make some different dress that is not as usual but comfortable. Dress up with leaves made costumes. Or, you can purchase a dress which looks like leaves made. This idea is incredible, isn’t it?


Order to customize a cake that reflects the wild environment or forest with trees and animals. 


The decoration is a little bit costly. You have to purchase some animal dolls from the market: tiger, beer, monkey, bird, deer, lion, zebra, elephant and so on. Decorate these animals in your room. 

Make some “tree structure” with a paper box to create a forest environment in your room. You can put some live trees also to make the environment realistic. 

Idea 10: Rainbow party theme: Most colorful 

The rainbow theme is the most common as a second birthday party theme and easy to apply. Make the environment colorful with the color the rainbow contains. 


As the theme requires all the colors, the rainbow contains, so a simple but colorful dress is recommended. No problem, if the dress doesn’t have all the colors. Choose the colorful one and comfortable for your kiddos. 


Order to customize the cake with the 7 colors the rainbow contains. The quantity and structure of the cake depend on you. 


It’s important to implement the theme. Most of the time, people use color paper and hang the color paper throughout the room. But, the wall painting idea can be great here. Paint your wall like a rainbow. This will make the theme aesthetics. 

I’m sure you will also feel cheerful with this colorful theme. 

Outdoor birthday party ideas for two years old baby: 

Outdoor birthday party ideas

Outdoor birthday party ideas


Here are some amazing ideas to celebrate your kiddo’s birthday outside from your room. These ideas are suitable both for baby boys and baby girls. Ideas can be implemented in the open air with your relatives and neighbors. 

Ideas 11: Bubble theme party:

The bubble theme is really enjoyable and perfect for the outdoor party. It continuously keeps your baby in excitement. It’s a huge jay! 

You can purchase a bubble machine to create bubbles. Or at home, you own can make bubble mix (water and soap/detergent mix). Help all the children to create bubbles and make them happy. 


As the bubble theme is an outdoor event and a bit “jumpy jumpy” type, make sure the costume is comfortable enough. Try a comfy dress like t-shirts and easy pants or something one piece. As he/she is a birthday boy/girl, try colorful but simple things. 


Nothing special about the cake. You can purchase any you like most. 


As it’s an outdoor party, order to customize a banner with the birthday theme. Decorate the surroundings with the balloon and color paper. 

If you purchase the bubble machine, set it in front of the stage with an operator.

Idea 12: Two-tti-frutti party: Interesting! 

It’s a food-based party idea. Collect all the colorful foods available in the market you can. Invite your relative and child with their child. Let them eat fruits as they like. 

Don’t let them eat too much, please. 


Take any comfy colorful dress that reflects the birthday theme. If you can manage a “Fruits Printed” dress, surely it will be special for the birthday. 


The cake is not mandatory here I think. If you want, you can purchase or bake. 


I have a unique idea for decoration in outdoor. Need to manage some boxes and make a large fruit structure. You can make any food structure like pineapple, mango, Apple and so on. This structure will be like a house with a window and enter-exit system. 

Babies will go and enter into the fruit structure house. Keep all the fruits in the “Fruit Structure House” and let them bring and eat. I think they will enjoy it. 

Idea 13: Hire joker from circus: My best brainstorming result

Hire joker from circus

Hire joker from circus

It may be the most unique concept to have an outdoor birthday party. Contact with a local circus party and ask about a joker character obviously with a peculiar costume. 

The Joker will be busy in playing with all the kids present at the party. Joker’s responsibility is giving pleasure to all. 

The “Hire a Joker” party idea may be combined with the “Candy party idea”. The joker may keep candy in his pocket and will give it to the children. A great pleasure I think. 


It will be better if you buy a costume matching the “joker character” for your baby. If you don’t want this, you may buy anything comfy for your 2 years old baby. 


Purchase any of your favorites that reflect the birthday theme. You may keep in mind the decoration theme.


“Hire Joker” party idea will run surrounding the Joker character. You may fix a boundary with the colored paper and balloon in the open space. If you do the party at night, lighting is a must and use different colored lights to make the environment festive. 

Ahh! We are at the end of the 2nd birthday party ideas planning. I have shared some unique and enjoyable birthday party ideas for your loving two years old kiddo. 

Hope these ideas help you to choose the best one suits you. No matter if you are planning for indoor or outdoor, for girls or boys. 

Be sure to let us know how your birthday party turned out. 

Wish your child a long and prosperous life. Take care of your child, take care of your family. 

Until the next


Frequently ask question: 

  • What is a good time for a 2 years old birthday party?

Answer: After the nap. You know your child’s nap time. I recommended planning the party 30 minutes after the nap. After a nap, they feel energetic and playful. It may be 4 pm to 5.30 pm. 

  • How do you celebrate a low budget birthday party?


  • Choice a simple theme like balloon party or rainbow theme(mentioned above)
  • Purchase a simple but colorful dress
  • Keep short the invitation list
  • Bake the cake at home
  • Serve only Cake (Avoid full meal)
  • Make it indoor
  • Decorate with handicraft

  • How can I arrange my birthday party at home?


  • Choice an indoor theme(Mentioned above) before 5 to 6 days
  • Purchase the costume for your baby according to the theme
  • Buy decoration accessory 
  • Check the invitation list
  • Check the food list you want to serve
  • Plan for the event day activity
  • Enjoy

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