Creative 60th Birthday Party Ideas for Dad

Are you worried about your dad’s upcoming 60th birthday party? Do you think you don’t have any creative 60th birthday party ideas for dad and need professional help like a birthday party planner? 

Then I would suggest you stay calm and follow us. We have tons of creative birthday party ideas that will blow your mind away. You can easily organize an unforgettable birthday event, following our direction.

We have worked with many birthday organizers and have organized many surprise birthday parties. Thus, we have plenty of unique & out-standing 60th birthday party entertainment ideas, which are undoubtedly the best.

Now let’s not waste time and see why the 60th birthdays are so important and what those creative 60th birthday party ideas for dad are: 

Why are the 60th birthdays so important? 

According to Chinese culture, when a person turns 60, he has finished the half journey of his life, and from his 60th birthday, he will start another journey. So this is a turning point in his life. That’s why the 60th birthdays are so important. 

And when it’s about the 60th birthday of dad, that means he has already finished his half journey, and with the starting of retirement, he is going to start a new life. It’s a crucial phase for his life, so it’s essential to make him feel special. A special birthday party will be that

special moment when his ex-colleagues, friends, and family members will make him feel special. To make this special birthday party more special, we will need some creative 60th birthday party ideas. Here we are presenting some creative 60th birthday party ideas for dad.

Creative 60th birthday party ideas

When you plan a party, you need to think about certain things like foods, gifts, entertainment, decorations, themes, surprises, invitations, etc and when you plan a special birthday party, you need to be more careful about these aspects. A special birthday party requires some special & creative  ideas. Now let’s share some creative 60th birthday party ideas for dad:

60th birthday party food ideas

To make your party food a hit & to choose the right food that fits all types of guests is not that easy. We have gathered some ideas which will help you to solve your problems, and those are: 

Arranging a birthday cake

 Dad's 60th birthday cake

Dad’s 60th birthday cake

Birthday cake is the limelight of a birthday party. Everyone always eagerly waits for the cake cutting moment. So you need to be careful enough while you are going to order a cake for your dad’s 60th birthday. Try to make the cake more attractive and of his choice. You can take the help of professionals to order a beautiful cake.

Preparing favorite dishes

As the birthday party is in honor of your dad, so it’s essential to make everything of his choice. Guests always remember those parties which serve them tasty foods. So ensure the quality and taste both. You can take the help of a caterer or a home cook according to your budget. 

60 dishes if possible

If it’s possible, you can arrange 60 dishes to make the party look unique and uncommon though it will be a little costly; I guess, if you arrange everything in a small amount, then it won’t cost that much and will be unique enough.

Preparing some items for kids

Kids are picky about food. So you will have to be careful when you include food items on your list for kids. Try to put some dishes that kids usually are attracted to like pizza, sandwiches, or others. You can also include candy floss or something sweet in the food item list for the crazy kids. 

These all were the casual party food ideas, but if you want to make the party a little different, then you can arrange it differently like:

Wine party

Dad birthday wine

Dad birthday wine

Wine parties are very famous in town. If your dad is a wine lover, then he will love this wine party. All you have to do is to order some different types of wine and to serve those. You can even turn it into a game. You can curate some kinds of wine which you are going to serve. Then blindfold your dad & the guests and let them taste a particular wine and ask them to guess the type name. It will be great fun for sure.

Beer party

If your dad is a beer lover, then you can plan for a beer party. You can hire a bartender and serve your dad’s favorite beer with some local brands. You can serve beer with BBQ too. I guess that will be a perfect pair. 

Cooking party

If your dad loves cooking, then this cooking party idea will be a great surprise for him. You can fix a meeting with his favorite chef or any chef and can arrange some cooking competitions. You can invite his close friends there to join them to increase the beauty of the party.

BBQ party

If your dad is a food lover, then he will love the party. You can set some BBQ stoves in your backyard. It is the easiest way to celebrate the 60th birthday with close friends and family members. Party with friends and family in the open space with BBQ sounds excellent. 

60th birthday party gift ideas

Gifts are the most crucial part of a party. Everyone expects useful, beautiful, and unique gifts. So keeping these in mind, you will have to choose gifts. Here are some 60th birthday party gift ideas for you:

Gifts for the guests

Dad's birthday gift

Dad’s birthday gift

You can arrange some unique gifts for your guests to make them feel special. There are many things that you can keep in your guest’s gift list, such as:

  • Customized photo mug
  • Custom-made key ring
  • Customized candles
  • Specially made wine glasses
  • Customized shot glasses
  • Custom-built beer opener

I hope these 60th birthday party guest’s gift ideas will surely impel them to remember the party forever. 

Dad’s gifts

As you know, the 60th birthday is very special, so the present should have to be the best, and when it’s all about the gift for dads who don’t want anything, it must have to be uncommon & unique enough. 

You might get confused at this moment that what should I gift my dad? To remove all your confusion, we came up with some gift ideas that are very popular among the people. So here they are:

  • Personalized golf balls
  • Building memories wood hammer
  • “Story of a lifetime” book
  • Personal history canvas
  • Travel destination maps
  • Big time brewery oversized beer mug
  • First memory canvas
  • Birthday postcard glass block
  • “Reason why” mug
  • Picture perfect multi-photo color changing mug
  • Leather valet catchall
  • Rawlings ® engraved baseball bat

These ideas help you choose the perfect gift for your dad but try to pick the gift best suits your dad’s choice and if he has some personal liking, then try to gift that to him.

60th birthday party entertainment ideas

No one wants to go to a boring party. Everyone expects a party full of entertainment. So you can say from all the 60th birthday party ideas for dad, these ideas are the essential parts. Now let’s see what the 60th birthday party entertainment ideas are: 

Games party

If you want to make your party a little attractive and enjoyable, you can plan some party games. There are many party games on YouTube videos. You can choose any of those that are appropriate for your party. Here we will tell you about five easy & exciting games that you can include in your plan. These are:

Stick the landing

In this game, there will be some half-filled plastic bottles on the table. Players will have to flip these bottles in the air to land perfectly as these were before. 

Magic carpet ride

There will be some small carpets in this game in which players will sit and try to reach the finish line by scrambling on time.

Jigsaw puzzle

In this game, players will have to solve some jigsaw puzzles within time.

Cup collection

Here there will be 20/30 plastic cups on the table, and the players will have to collect all the cups in the shortest time.

Separate anxiety

In this game, there will be some colorful tiny balls altogether and some transparent glasses. Players will have to separate all the colored balls and put them into the glasses separately.

Here we have discussed only five types of games. There are more on YouTube. You can choose any of those to entertain the party. 

Music party

Dad's Birthday music party

Dad’s Birthday music party

If your dad loves to hear music, then you can hire a singer who will sing all his favorite songs all day long on his birthday. It will be a great source of entertainment.

You can also ask your dad and the guests to join the singer, or you can even hire some musicians who will play a band or any music to entertain the party. 

Dance party

If your dad likes to dance, then you can arrange a dance party for his 60th birthday. Dancing with children, grandchildren, friends & family will be great fun. You can even hire a professional dancer to increase the beauty of the party.

Slide show

You can choose some memorable pictures of your dad’s life and show those in the party with a slideshow. You can choose: 

  • Childhood pictures with his friends 
  • First day at school pictures 
  • Wedding pictures 
  • Children’s birth photos 
  • Pictures with close friends & close colleagues
  • Funny pictures

Movie party

If your dad is a movie maniac, then you can plan something like this. If you have a backyard, then you can plan a movie party there. You can turn it into a theater. You need a big backdrop to use it as a screen and a projector to play the movie. Popcorn will create more beautiful atmosphere. You can play your dad’s favorite movie there. You can invite some of his close friends after the movie. BBQ will be great to fill the tummy.

Comedy party

If your dad is a fun-loving person, then he must love the idea of a comedy party. It will create a lovely and joyful atmosphere. You can hire one or two comedians to entertain the crowd. You can tell them some funniest moments of your dad’s life and can ask the guests too to tell their ones at the beginning of the party so that it helps them to make some preparation for them to create a fun environment. 

60th birthday party decoration ideas

Dad's Birthday for decoration

Dad’s Birthday for decoration

The appearance of a party will decide whether the crowd will like it or not. Decoration of the party should be appealing. So before you plan the decoration, keep these ideas in mind. The ideas are:

Customized decoration

If you choose a theme for your dad’s birthday, your decoration will have to be customized. Every decoration, like table, centerpiece, lighting, banner, and the wall decoration will have to be according to the theme. Even you can pick a venue that suits your theme the best. All the guests should feel that they are stepping into another world.

For example: if you are choosing a Black and White theme, then you will have to decorate everything in black and white, and if you are choosing Now and Then theme, then you will have to customize all the decorations accordingly.

Common decoration

If your dad likes a simple birthday party, no exaggerations, then the decoration will have to be very simple, like any other birthday party. To make a common decoration a little better, you can add some colors like gold and silver. It will bring an elegant look to your decoration. 

60th birthday party theme ideas

Black and White theme

Black and white is the age of Casino, James Bond, and Las Vegas. The early 40’s to 50’s are considered as a black and white age. When you follow the theme, you will have to choose costumes, decorations, and everything according to the theme. 

It’s a trendy theme for a 60th birthday party. Black and White age was very classic. So the setup should reflect the image. Guests will also maintain the dress code. You can play some old classic songs in the background. It will create a beautiful classic atmosphere.

Now and Then theme

In this theme, you can decorate everything with your dad’s childhood and old pictures. Gold, silver, white & black colors will go great with the theme. You can customize all the decorations with his now and then photos. A slide show will increase beauty more.

Carnival  theme

If you have a backyard, you can plan for a carnival party to surprise your dad with lots of colors. It’s considered as a colorful theme. You can arrange some food stalls, magicians, circus, small kids ride, slideshow. It will create a wonderful environment. 

Dad’s 60th birthday party surprise ideas

A Birthday party is full of surprises, but what if we add some more? Then it will be more fun to enjoy the party. Let’s have a look at those surprise ideas: 

60 gifts for dad

It can be a beautiful surprise for your dad if You can buy 60 small but sweet & useful gifts for your dad, which he can use daily. You can wrap these in colorful papers. I am sure he will love the idea.

Sending gifts after 60 minutes in every single hour

This idea can be another special surprise for your dad. You can send your dad some gifts after 60 minutes in every single hour. It will be exciting to see his face every single hour. 

Dad’s 60th birthday wish cards from 60 friends

You can arrange 60 birthday wish cards from 60 friends. If your dad hasn’t 60 friends, then you can take the help of his close colleagues and family members. Try to make the birthday wish cards a little more attractive with friendship pictures or something else.

60 reasons to love your template

You can use a printing template at the party’s entrance, where the family members will write a reason to love him. You need to ensure that everyone writes there, and it’s full of 60 reasons. 

60th bday party invitation ideas

60th birthday for dad invitation

60th birthday for dad invitation

The invitation card will always depend on the party theme. According to the party theme, make invitation cards for your guests and make sure all the necessary information is there, which they need to know. 

For example: if you choose the Black and White theme, then the invitation card will be black and white. You need to invite your guest at least two weeks earlier. 

60th Birthday Party Tips

Two important things which you should always remember when you are planning the party, and those are: 


  • The first thing you should keep in mind is that all these preparations should be according to your dad’s choice; otherwise, no matter how the party looks, how many appreciations you get won’t be very worthy to your dad.
  • The second thing you need to remind yourself is that for a dad, the time of his family is the most important thing. So don’t get busy with your preparations so much that you leave him all alone, and he feels left out. 

Bottom lines

When you love someone, you want to do everything best for him. Keeping these on the mind, we came up with all our best 60th birthday party ideas for dad and hope these ideas are the best enough to rock the party.

Just all you need to do is to pick the ideas, best suits for your dad, and to add it on your birthday plan and last but not the least to wait for the party to blast the day with lots of joy and happiness.

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