Things To Do For Your 20th Birthday to Make It Awesome

20th Birthday is always a mixture of double feelings like it is full of excitement as It frees you from the teenager tag and gives you an adult

vibe though you are one year away from being a complete adult and at the same time it makes you upset as you will have to wait for another 365 days

for your true freedom. Such an awkward period, right? You must be thinking about how to celebrate this awkward Birthday.

There are many things to do for your 20th Birthday which you may have no idea about. So here we are to help you out. We brought here some unique

ideas which will help you to make your Birthday memorable than ever. So what are we waiting for? Let’s have a look:

Things To Do for 20th Birthday

Like every Birthday, you must want to make your 20th Birthday the special one and look for ideas to enjoy your 20th Birthday, the fullest to forget all

the sorrows of not being 21 yet. You can try these ideas that will tell you the things to do for your 20th Birthday, and here they are:

1.A Theme Birthday Party:

A birthday without a party is like an incomplete story. To complete your beautiful birthday story, you can plan for a birthday party. A theme party is better than any other one. Choose a nice theme, the venue, decorate everything accordingly, arrange cake, food, costumes, return-gifts, and lastly, send invitation cards. Simple! 

2.Shopping Hopping:

Shopping is always full of fun & excitement when you are with your friends. Spending a whole day shopping with your friends, spending money on yourself, buying yourself your all-time favorite things, what else a person needs to be happy than this? 

3.Disappear for A Day:

Get disappeared for a day! Switch off your phone, disconnect all the Social connections and go somewhere where you always wanted to, which gives you real pleasure. 

4.Do Something Naughty:

You can do something naughty to make your Birthday more exciting than ever, such as order an obscene cake, play some nasty games with your buddies, have a nasty birthday party, kiss 20 strangers, etc.

5.Go for A Blind Date:

You can choose the day for a blind date to have some fun. You can choose a romantic venue and invite your blind date, spend the whole day with him or her and spend it warmly. This way, you will meet a new person, and you never know you may get your life partner in this way!

6.A Day to Pamper Yourself:

You can choose your Birthday to pamper yourself. Give yourself a treat. Book a 5-star hotel, arrange dinner, gift yourself, and enjoy the day.

7.Long Way to Go:

long way to go

long way to go

A long drive is always a pleasure. Running out of the town, to the peace, near to nature. What a lovely idea! Isn’t it? You can try for a long drive to enjoy the day with your friends or family or all alone.

8.Amusement Park:

You are never too old for an amusement park. It’s always exciting and full of entertainment. So if your 20th Birthday is ahead, go to the amusement park with your friends and enjoy your day to the fullest. 

9.Go Crazy, Do Crazy:

Crazy things are always full of excitement, and if you want to spend your Birthday with all types of excitement, then you can choose something crazy to do, for example: get a tattoo, go bungee jumping, sky-diving, scuba diving, or anything you think is wild and full of excitement. 

10.Family Picnic:

Spending your special day with your family is the best option for me. This is the time to show the gratitude, love, affection you have for them. So take your family and go for a picnic! 

20th Birthday Gift Ideas

20th Birthday gift

20th Birthday gift

If you are planning for a birthday party for your 20th Birthday, then you must be thinking of some return-gifts for your guests, and if you are

planning to attend a 20th birthday party of your friend or someone close to you, then you must want to buy a beautiful gift for the birthday girl/boy. So

here we came up with some fantastic gift ideas which will surely impress you. So want to go for it? Let’s see:

Beautiful Gift Ideas for Birthday Boy/Girl:

20th Birthday is a special birthday as it promotes a person from teenager to adult. So the gift should be something special that means to them or gives them happiness. So here are some lists you can give a try: 

  • Unwind Lavender Gift Set
  • Friendship Gift Box
  • Polaroid Original Onestep 2 VF Analog Instant Film Camera
  • Courant Wireless Charging Block
  • TEMPUR-Adapt Cloud+Cooling Pillow
  • Hot Stone Therapy Pack
  • Bobby Compact Diver Anti-Theft BlueBackpack

Return-Gift Ideas for Guest:

Choosing an uncommon return-gift for your guests is confusing. What to buy, will they like it so many questions arise in the head and give a

headache. Hopefully, these will help you to choose the perfect return-gift for your party.

  • Mini-Toiletries
  • Miniature Alcohol Sets
  • Hangover Kit
  • Jams, Sauces, and Honey Jars
  • Crockery/Cutlery with a history
  • Personalized cookies, cakes, and chocolates

20th Birthday Decoration Ideas

Planning for an uncommon 20th birthday party and running out of ideas? What are we for? These are some ideas for your 20th Birthday, which I am sure you are going to love; you can try these:

  • Personalized Name and Age Halloween 20th Birthday Cake Topper.
  • Kissing My 20s Goodbye Topper
  • Designer Rose Gold 20th Happy Birthday Decoration Supplies
  • Back In 2000 Newspaper, Year you were born
  • 20th Birthday 10 Count Straws
  • 130 Feet Glitter Star Paper Garland Banner Hanging Decoration
  • Birthday Party Decoration Extra Large Fabric Black Gold Sign Poster for 20th Birthday Photo Booth Backdrop Background Banner

Things to do for your 20th Birthday in the summer

Most of the time, our plans change depending on seasons. If your Birthday is in the summer, you will have to plan something that suits the season and

give you the utmost pleasure. So here we bring some idea that you can apply if your 20th Birthday is in the summer.

1. Heading to The Beach:

Summer and beach are just a great combination. If your Birthday is in the summer, then you can throw a beach party. Choose a beach where you will get a picnic spot, then book it for your birthday party and enjoy it.

2. Chilling Pool Party:

If you have a large pool inside your house, then you can plan for a pool party for your Birthday. All your close friends can come and join you.

3. Vacation Time:

A summer is always a good option for vacation. So if your Birthday is in summer, then you can go for a short vacation. Take a trip to the places you want to go and have a nice vacation.

Things To Do for Your 20th Birthday In The Winter

Things To Do for Your 20th Birthday In The Winter

Things To Do for Your 20th Birthday In The Winter

When it’s winter and your Birthday is knocking at the door, you must be excited, searching for ideas that will tell you the things to do for your 20th

Birthday in the winter. Here we are with some winter proof birthday ideas. Want to see those? Have a look:

1. Indoor Ice Skating party:

An indoor ice skating party can be a great way to enjoy the Birthday and the winter together. There are a lot of rinks for open skates. You can book a party room there for the celebration and enjoy the skating.

2. Going to Hot Spa:

Winter and hot spa!! Wow!! There is nothing more enjoyable than that! You can enjoy your Birthday, taking a hot spa, manicure & pedicure, a hot massage. What else do you need to pamper yourself?

3. Ski Trip:

Winter without Ski! Useless! Why don’t you plan for a ski trip with your troop on your 20th Birthday? It will be really fun. 

20th Birthday Ideas for Him

Are you planning a birthday for him(BF)? Searching ideas for his 20th Birthday to make it a rocking day? You can check the ideas below that I guess will remove all your worries out of your mind.

1. Host A Game Party:

To make his 20th Birthday memorable, you can host a game party. You can invite all his friends there. A beautiful evening with exciting indoor party games will make the event more attractive.

2. Cozy Movie Night:

A romantic cozy movie night can be a special treat for his Birthday. Popcorn, pizza, and a romantic movie, just you two!! Wow! Life is wonderful! Or you can even try for a 3D movie that can be even exciting. 

3. Recreate Your First Date:

The first date means lots of memories. Recreating all those memories can be a great idea. You can recreate your first date to make his

Birthday more special. The first date is always a special day for every person. Recreating it can be surprising and a beautiful way to

express the love for him. It’s going to be a lovely surprise for his 20th Birthday.

20th Birthday Ideas for Her

Planning a birthday for her(GF) is the most difficult one. Lots of pressure strikes your body and mind, and you feel like a hopeless thing. Let us take the stress, and you enjoy our ideas of 20th Birthday for her:

1. Plan A No-Phone Date:

These days a phone works like a third person in between a couple. So to make her Birthday special, you need to plan for a no-phone

date where no one will be allowed to disturb you both. You & she on a romantic no-phone date! She is going to love it for sure. 

2. Play Treasure Hunt:

Playing a treasure hunt can be a unique way to make her birthday special. To play a treasure hunt game specially for her 20th Birthday,

you can buy some of her favorite items or gifts and hide those indifferent places. Then write some tiny letters where you will give

some clues, and she will find those out. It’s going to be super exciting.

3. Romantic Sunset Together:

Romantic Sunset Together

Romantic Sunset Together

Sunset is the most beautiful scenario which everybody wants to enjoy with their special one. A special day with the special person watching

the sunset together, then going for a long drive and having dinner together. What else can be more romantic than that? 


  • Can I drink alcohol on my 20th Birthday?

Ans: If you are about to turn 20, you must know that it’s illegal to drink alcohol until you are 21, and if you are planning to use a fake Id, then

it’s better you know that bouncers already have a large collection of fake IDs.

  •  Which bars allow under 21?

Ans: Many of the bars allow under 21, but they may not let you drink alcohol. If you want to go there for other purposes rather than

drinking, like for a job purpose or as a journalist, they may allow you, but it’s quite impossible for drinking alcohol.

  • How can I celebrate my 20th Birthday while away from friends & family?

Ans: There are a lot of things you can do like you can go for a movie night, have some shopping, go for a long drive, visit some exciting

places, do something exciting(scuba diving, bungee jumping, sky-diving), treat yourself or have a virtual birthday party.

Bottom Lines:

As your Birthday is your very own day, your special day, which gave you the reason to be happy, you can easily celebrate your Birthday full of

energy & spread love. So why spoil the day becoming upset? There are a lot of exciting things to do for your 20th Birthday to make it remarkable. We

have disclosed some of those here to get everything you are looking for your 20th Birthday and make your Birthday memorable forever. If you have some unique ideas about the context, you can also share it with us in the comment section below. 

If you want to read more how to celebrate your 21st Birthday? we recommend you visit our 21st Birthday.




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