Things To Do For Your 22nd Birthday To Make It Interesting

22nd Birthday!! 

When I was 21 and my 22nd Birthday was on the way, why I don’t know, but I was feeling no excitement, the way I was on my 21st one. It was like what else left for this Birthday! But then I realized why wasting the day, which is my very

own, my personal day? Why not celebrate it differently? So as I planned, I started searching for some different ways to celebrate my 22nd Birthday. I always wanted to do something which people usually don’t do on their Birthday and

look, what I have found!! Here I am presenting 12 different things to do for your 22nd Birthday that are unique and outstanding. Hope all your concerns will be vanished after reading the article. So let’s get started. 

Different & Unique Things To Do For 22nd Birthday

UNIQUE Things To Do For 22nd Birthday

I always wanted to make my Birthday uncommon and different. As far I know, most people like the same. So here I have enlisted some different things to do for your 22nd Birthday

Exploring Scary Haunted Houses

If you know some nearby scary haunted house or place where you always wanted to go, then this is the time to go for it. Invite some of your close friends who are brave like you and enjoy the day exploring something spooky.

Plan A deep-Dark Cave Party

Party in a deep-dark cave!! don’t you think it will be great fun? You can arrange a cave party to celebrate your Birthday. Decorate everything accordingly, invite your guests and surprise them. It’s surely going to be fun. 

Take Make-Money Challenge

This is something very interesting which I was planning to do with my friends on my Birthday. However, it didn’t take place, but you can try it on your Birthday. It’s a very simple challenge. Come out of your house with a dollar. Investing that dollar & earn as much as you can. The person who will make more will be the winner of the day. This way, you will understand the value of money and will have a lot of fun. 

Get Lost

Most of the young people like me might have get sick of this machinery life. Want to get some life. This Birthday can be a great opportunity for that. Switch off your phone, deactivate all the social contacts, choose a perfect place to go, and just get lost for a day. 

Naughty Party

A naughty party can be really fun. You need to call all your close friends in, collect all the raunchy decor supplies, arrange some naughty games, a hot cake and enjoy the day with lots of excitement. 

Survival in The Deep Jungle

You can plan to stay in the deep jungle on your Birthday with your friends. Choose a jungle, take all the necessary things you may need there & enjoy the greenery. Your special day with mother nature will bring you peace of mind. 

Camping With Friends

Love adventures? Then you will love to go for camping with your friends on your Birthday. You just need to choose a destination, take necessary things with you, pick your friends up and run for camping. Camp fire, some music games, and touch of nature will automaticly create a beautiful atmosphere.

Exploring Nearby Cities

Exploring nearby cities with your friends can be an exciting way to celebrate your 22nd Birthday. In our busy life, we often forget to explore our nearby cities. So why don’t you take the chance? Take your friends and start exploring.

Attend Music Festival

This is one of my favorite types. I am a festive music lover. I have been to EDC, Coachella, BFD, Lollapalooza, Love Fest, Pride, San Jose Hot Summer Nights, Bay to Breakers, etc. It doesn’t have to be a music festival; it can be any festival. So go ahead and enjoy it.

Double Decker Bus Party

You can hire a big double-decker bus and a restaurant. Pick your guests up, go for a long drive, enjoy the ride & finally have food in the restaurant. Your guests will love the idea for sure.

Flash Mob With Friends

This generation loves to stay connected. To be an internet sensation overnight is something most people dreaming about. So if you want to do the step-up on the streets, then you will have to gather your friends and family and have a

dance on your Birthday.Now you know what to do for your 22nd birthday & how to make it special.

Decoration Ideas For 22nd Birthday

Decoration Ideas For 22nd Birthday

Decoration Ideas For 22nd Birthday

The decoration is a very important part of a birthday party as it decides whether your party is going to rock or look gloomy & boring. So you will have to be very careful when you are decorating for your birthday party. At first, make a

plan, arrange all the necessary items that you will need, keep the theme in your mind, and just do it.For the 22nd Birthday, we have some collections for decorations which are easily available and will give your party a beautiful look. Let’s check those collections out:

Designer Rose Gold 22nd Happy Birthday Decoration Supplies

A birthday party needs a special look, and to make it more special, we need matching banners and other supplies. So can try for this Designer Rose Gold 22nd Happy Birthday Decoration Supplies, which are beautiful & gorgeous. It will enhance the beauty of your Birthday for sure. 

Happy 22nd Birthday Personalized Cake Topper

A cake topper is a must for a birthday cake as it takes the beauty of the cake to a higher level. So if you want to use a cake topper, you can use Happy 22nd Birthday Personalized Cake Topper. Its laser-cut makes it more attractive. And it’s personalized with your name & age. It is of many colors, you can choose any of them.

22nd Mini Birthday Party Hat

This is a very cute little thing for your Birthday, which will take you back to your childhood. This is something unique that will give your party a sweet & attractive look. Even guests will also enjoy wearing them. So can choose this 22nd Mini Birthday Party Hat for your 22nd Birthday.

1998 birthday poster, 1998 Newspaper

You can use this 1998 birthday poster, 1998 Newspaper to decorate your party or even you can gift it too. It will show all your history in a newspaper, allowing the guests to know a little more about you. These are easily available and affordable. 

Feeling 22 Glitter Banner

A birthday party without a banner! No ways, bring now a Feeling 22 Glitter Banner, which is easily affordable, beautiful, and will charm your party more than you have imagined.

MAGJUCHE Gold 22nd Birthday Numeral Candle

A very beautiful MAGJUCHE Gold 22nd Birthday Numeral Candle can increase the beauty of your birthday cake. Shortly, it’s a perfect match for your cake.

ZiYan 40 Inch Giant 22th Black Number

A Birthday is all about cake, candles & balloons. So you can choose ZiYan 40 Inch Giant 22th Black Number for your perfect 22 birthday. It’s a giant black colored balloon that will give your party a different look.

22nd Birthday Paper Straw Decor

To make your Birthday more special & uncommon, you can choose 22nd Birthday Paper Straw Decor. This 24-Pack Real Gold Glitter Cut-Out Numbers can be a plus to your birthday decoration.

22nd Birthday Themes

A theme party is always a trendy one. Whether it’s an 18th birthday celebration or 22nd or 60th, a theme always gives a party a gorgeous look. It makes a party more than beautiful. Matching costumes, decorations, photo booths, foods,

colors, cake, and everything brings a wonderful vibe. So if you have a plan to celebrate your 22nd Birthday, and looking for the best things to do for your 22nd birthday, then it will be best to choose a theme party.Now confused,

what type of theme will match your party? No worries, we have tons of themes for birthday parties as we are working with birthday planners for a long time. Now just all you have to do is roll your eyes at the list & choose the best you like. Let’s peek at the list:

  • Haunted City: 

A horror theme is always a great hit. So you can give your party a haunted city look. Tell your guests to dress up like a ghost in their invitation card, decorate everything accordingly & enjoy the party.

  • Black Suit & Red Gown:

Black suit & red gown is a beautiful theme where all the gents will wear black suits & the ladies will wear red gowns. Everything will be colored in black & red as you know this combination is a little hot. So it will create a great event for sure.

  • Red Carpet: 

If you love Hollywood, then you will love the theme. As you know, Red Carpet is famous for Oscar, where all the well-known celebrities take part. You can recreate the image at your birthday party. Decorate everything in that way, dress up as your favorite celebrity, tell your guests to do the same, and enjoy the party.

  • Sports Life:

You can simply choose a sport in general, or something specific like soccer, golf or a cricket party in a sports theme. You can also select the Olympics theme. It will be full of fun. 

  • The mystery of Science:

Give your inner mad scientist a boost and set a theme with beakers and test tubes, a fog machine and lab coats, and many experimental types of equipment. It will be uncommon & fun. 

  • Video Game:



If you’re a gamer, you will surely love this theme. You can set the party on your favorite game like Minecraft, Call of Duty, PUBG, or Candy Crush party can be great as a theme.

  • Favorite Movie/book: 

Choose your favorite movie or book and set a theme following that. For example: if you like harry potter, costumes, decoration, food, everything should be according to that. 

  • Casino World:

You can give your party a casino look. At first, choose some well-known games which almost all know and then arrange those. You can even set some gaming tables so that your guests can enjoy the party.


1.What are the less costly gifts for the 22nd birthday?

Ans: Books are the all-time best & less costly gift for all aged people. Otherwise, you can gift small candles, plants, a jar full of candies, a tea or cup mug, a key chain, homemade cookies, etc. 

2.How to celebrate the 22nd birthday with no money?

Ans: You can have a movie night with friends & family & homemade popcorn, or you can have a dance or music party at home or a fun game party at home.

3.Is it weird to celebrate the 22nd birthday?

Ans: Life is too short to enjoy, so you shouldn’t be miser at it, and when a birthday is giving you a reason to enjoy your life, why will you lag behind? So enjoy your birthday until you are unable to.

Bottom Lines

In our busy life, we often forget to enjoy our life, but a Birthday is a perfect way to enjoy life for a day, on your own rules. So I never like to waste any birthday. All my birthdays are celebrated uniquely.

So I brought here all the possible ways so that you can celebrate your 22nd Birthday uniquely. I don’t think after reading this article you will need to search elsewhere for more birthday ideas and I guess now you know the things to do for your 22nd Birthday and how to make it special.

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