What to Do for Your 21st Birthday to Make It More Exciting

Are you super excited about your upcoming 21st Birthday? Are you getting mad thinking all day, what to do for your 21st Birthday to make it extra special? Let me tell you that we have some rocking plans and excellent ideas for your

upcoming 21st Birthday. We know how special this Birthday is for you. As the 21st Birthday is a milestone where you get the entry to adulthood, so to make your Birthday extra special, we have uncovered all our possibilities.But Before

that, let’s see Why everybody waits for the day so eagerly? What’s so special about this 21st Birthday?

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What’s so special about this 21st birthday?

In the USA, when a boy or girl turns 21, they get legal permission for everything which they were waiting for so long. It provides them the authorization for drinking, smoking, and entering nightclubs. In short, all the adult activities get legal

from the 21st birthday. So who won’t be excited about it?Moreover, 21st birthday means no more tension for your fake id, which was an immense tension till now. Now they can attend all the 21+ bars and concerts and every place that

restricts under 21.That’s why this birthday is something huge, and everybody waits for it impatiently, but when it comes to the celebration, they don’t get the perfect idea to celebrate their desired day. Thus, we will tell you what to do for your 21st birthday to make it more exciting.

Drinks for 21st birthday

I am sure if you try these drinks, you will never ask for anything else. These drinks are enough to rock your birthday. So here comes some rocking drinks for a trial:

  1. Scorpion bowl
  2. Margarita
  3. Fire-bell shot
  4. Martini
  5. White Sangria
  6. Mimosa
  7. Tequila sunrise


Try not to have these all at once. Trust me; it will indeed worsen your health. This list we have provided so that you can taste some of these but within your limit.

21st birthday party ideas

Two types of parties are prevalent for the 21st birthday celebration in the USA, and these are the Alcoholic party & the Non-alcoholic party. Let’s see what the specialties of these parties are:

  1. Alcoholic party
  2. Non-alcoholic party

Alcoholic party

21st Alcoholic birthday party

21st Alcoholic birthday party

The 21st birthday party celebrates adulthood, the freedom, freedom to buy alcohol, and the freedom to do everything that an adult can do. Thus, a grand party is a must. A day full of alcohol, no one to resist, having fun with friends all 

day long, what else a person needs for his 21st birthday?If you want to have an alcoholic party, you will have to decide if you wish to celebrate it at home or elsewhere.

Alcoholic party at home

The alcohol party at home is safer than the party outside. As you dont need to get worried about driving back home safely. So if you are planning to have an alcoholic party at home, surly these ideas will go best for you:

  • Order an alcohol bouquet decorated with all your favorite drinks, invite some close friends, and enjoy the party. The best part of this party is, if you have any friends under 21, they can get the benefit.
  • Order an attractive alcoholic cake for the party. It will be fun to have it with your friends. 
  • Plan for some drinking games to make the party more exciting and enjoyable. 

Arrange some alcoholic gifts for your friends as a return gift like alcoholic chocolate, or their brands or something else.

Alcoholic gifts

If you want to buy Alcoholic gifts for your friend’s birthday or as a return-gift, then we have some alcoholic gifts ideas for you. Let’s have a check on those:

  • Let the Gin Begin Gin and Truffles Gift Box
  • Festive Gin Hamper with Gin Candle
  • Prosecco Party Christmas Hamper
  • Lemon Drizzle Gin With Gin Glass Set
  • Bath and Bubbly Christmas Hamper
  • Jamesons Whiskey and Truffles Gift Set
  • Couples Movie Night In Alcohol Hamper.

Alcoholic party outside

Most of the boys & girls prefer to have an alcoholic party outside for their 21st birthday. So if you are planning to have an outdoor alcoholic party, then go to the bars, pubs, or clubs where only 21+ are allowed, or you can go to the

vineyards, or brewery, or even to the casino if you would like to test your luck in gambling.Where-ever you go for drinking, that’s not important, but what drinks you choose is more important. So let’s talk about some drinks that you can try for your alcoholic birthday party.

Non-alcoholic party:

For me, non-alcoholic parties are the best one, as there are no health issues, no hangovers, enjoying the beautiful time with friends and family. If you plan to have a non-alcoholic party for your 21st birthday  you will get two options: Party at home & Party outside.

  • Party at home
  • Party outside

21st Birthday party at home

I am sure before you read the article, you never could imagine there are such innovative ways to enjoy a birthday at home. So If you are planning to have your 21st birthday party at home, these ideas will surely help you:

BBQ party: If you have a backyard, you can plan a BBQ party over there, setting some BBQ stoves with few close friends & family members. 

Music party: If you are a music lover or a musician, then you can arrange a small music party at your home.

 D.J party: If you have a backyard, then you can plan for a D.J party. You can hire a D.J and can have a D.J party all night with all your close friends.

 Dance party: If you love dancing, then you can plan a dance party at home. You can even hire a dancer for your birthday party & invite your close friends only. 

 Cooking party: If you love to cook, then you can plan a cooking party at home. You can invite your favorite chef at home, can arrange a cooking competition & enjoy the day with your friends & family. 

 Games party: If you plan for a game party, you can prepare some exciting games for the guests. There are a lot of games on Youtube. You can choose any of those.

 A small conventional birthday party: If you like conventional small parties, you can plan it inside your house. A little decoration, a small cake with few guests, can be a good idea to celebrate the day calmly.

 Outdoor 21st birthday party

21st Party outdoor

21st Party outdoor

Party inside means the unwanted hassle of cleaning home, rearranging things. It’s irritating. So I prefer a party outside. There are so many ways you can enjoy your birthday party outside. Want to try? Then try any of these:

A long drive with friends

You and your friends can go for a long drive on your 21st birthday party. Away from home, away from crowds, a long drive with your friends will bring you refreshment and will remove all your monotony. 

Picnic with family

The best way to spend maximum time with your family is to go for a picnic. You can plan for a picnic with your family on your 21st birthday. Hire a bus, choose a nice place, plan a picnic, and have fun.

Beach party

If you are planning to have a beach party on your 21st birthday, then you need to choose a beach that has a picnic area, Reserve it and invite some of your close friends and family and enjoy the refreshment.

Casino party

If you want to try your luck in gambling on your 21st birthday with your close friends in a casino, then go and try for it. Now you are all free, no one to resist. So go for it.

Romantic party

A romantic party with your beloved one can be a fantastic idea for your 21st birthday. A long drive, candle night dinner, drinks, and lots of gifts. What do you need more to make a day special?

Theme ideas for 21st casual birthday

Who wants a boring traditional birthday party? The trendy one is the theme party, which gives the party a new look, a new form. So If you want a theme party for your 21st birthday, here are some birthday themes that are too popular among the young generation.

Disco theme

This is a trendy theme among the young generation. It’s effortless to have a disco party as it requires few things for its setup. It would help if you chose a perfect venue, some props, 70’s glittery costumes that match the theme, and a disco setup, that’s it.

Carnival theme

If you have enough space in your backyard, then you can easily arrange a carnival-themed party for your 21st birthday. Colorful tents, food stalls, photo booths, bright colored decorations & lightings, some exciting games like

balloon darts, ring toss, skeeball, hole in one will make you feel like you are in a carnival. A bright, shiny, beautiful birthday party, isn’t that great?

Arabian theme

It’s a very uncommon theme. So if you want to make your birthday a little unusual and unique, you can try this theme. Some Arabian tents, rugs, setup, costumes will give you a middle east feeling.

Black and White theme

In this theme, you will have to decorate in black and white, classic ’70s songs will be playing in the background, costumes will be from back ’40s or ’50s. Everything should be in the way that guests could feel back to the ’40s in 2020.

Movie or serial theme

Choose a movie or serial then decorate everything accordingly to it. For example, if you choose Pirates of the Caribbean movie, then the setup, decorations, costumes, props, lighting, music, food, everything will be according to the movie.

Royalty theme

If you are still confused about what to do for your 21st birthday, you can try this royalty theme. A royal, elegant look for your 21st birthday where guests will dress up like royal members, you can decorate the venue like a Castle, food, decorations, and everything will have to be accordingly.

Horror theme

It’s also a prevalent theme among the young generation as they get the chance to dress up like zombies, vampires, witches, and all the evil characters. Even guests also enjoy this theme as it brings a spooky haunted look, which will make the party rocking.No matter which theme you choose, just remember to ensure all the setups, decorations, venue,costumes, and everything is according to the theme.

21st birthday ideas for guys

If you are a guy, you won’t like those girly theme parties, spa parties, or casual birthday parties. Guys always want something very different. So here we came up with some different ideas for guys for their 21st birthday party. 

 Football match party

Almost every guy likes football. So it can be a unique idea for your 21st birthday. You can arrange a football match party where you and your friends will have a football match. After the match, some drinks and healthy food will be full of fun.

Cricket party

If you are a guy, then there is no need to explain what cricket is to all the boys. To make your birthday a memorable one, you can arrange tickets for a cricket match for you

and your friends. Have popcorn, drinks & snacks, take a picture with your favorite cricketer, post it in your social media, and have fun.


If you love madness and challenges, then you can go for skydiving for your 21st birthday. Flying in the sky on your birthday, doesn’t that sound great? This memory will always give you pleasure.

Scuba diving

To make your birthday more unique, you can plan for a scuba party. Choose a perfect place for scuba diving, arrange some scuba gears for your friends who will be guests at your party, ensure their safety, and enjoy it.

Climbing mountains

If you are an adventure lover, you must love it. Climbing mountains with your friends, having a party there can be great fun.

Bungee jumping

Boys always love excitement, So to make your 21st birthday more exciting, you can plan for bungee jumping. You need to choose a perfect place for it and make your birthday memorable with bungee jumping.

Movie party

You can set a backdrop & a projector in your back yard & can have a movie night with your close friends & popcorn.

21st birthday ideas for girls

Girls always like unique things. They want to choose their items very carefully. It must have to be impressive enough when it comes to a girl’s 21st birthday planning. Here we came with some unique ideas for the 21st birthday of a girl. Let’s have a look:

 Girls night out

Girls night out

Girls night out

Spending your birthday night with your besties will be full of fun. You can go for a long drive, go to a nightclub, and then have some drinks all night.

 Visiting 21 places

Visiting 21 places in 21 hours on your birthday will be full of excitement. If you are a travel-lover, then it’s the perfect one for you. You can take some of your close friends with you to make it more memorable.

21 selfies challenge

You can take 21 selfies challenge with your friends before the night is over to make your birthday full of excitement. You can take funny selfies like a selfie with strangers, selfie while dancing in a car, selfie while jumping on a pool, etc.

Doing 21 dares

When you love to take challenges, you can try for 21 dares, which will be exciting enough to make your birthday memorable. You can try some wild dares like a dance in the middle of the road, flirt with 21 strangers, collect 21 cell numbers from strangers, etc.

Spa party

You can plan a spa party with your girls, take some relaxing massage & beauty treatment, do some manicure, pedicure, and enjoy the day peacefully.

Painting party

You can arrange a painting party if you and your friends love to paint. A small painting competition will enhance the beauty of your party.

 Adult tea party

A small adult tea party inside the home can be something unusual. You can plan for a small adult tea party with your besties to make the day more beautiful.

You can even choose a different venue to make your birthday look more attractive. Here are some venues for you:

Different venues for 21st birthday

Instead of choosing boring indoor birthday parties, you can choose an outdoor venue for great pleasure. So what to do for your 21st birthday when it comes to choosing a different venue? Here are some unique and different venue ideas that you can choose for your 21st birthday celebration.

Wheels on the Bus party

You can plan your 21st birthday on a bus. Hire a big bus, invite your close friends, have a long trip, choose a nice place beside a restaurant (try best to choose a calm place then it will be more enjoyable), have your food from the restaurant, and drop your guests back to the home.

Wavy Boat party

You can arrange a big boat for your birthday party. Decorate it according to your theme, arrange food, invite a few of your friends and have fun on your birthday.

Party in a 5-star hotel

You can select a 5-star hotel, choose a theme, and set your party there.

Creepy Jungle Party

If you are planning to have a birthday party in a jungle, then choose a safe one, arrange everything you need for a party, decorate it, hire a bus to bring your guests to the venue, ensure their safety and enjoy your party.

Party on the rooftop of a hotel

You can choose a high-rise hotel rooftop to celebrate your birthday. Make sure it’s suitable enough to give pleasure to your guest.

Top of the Mountain party

Celebrating a birthday on the top of a mountain sounds full of excitement. But it’s full of risks too. So ensure to invite your guests who know to climb mountains, arrange everything and enjoy your day.

Spooky Cave party

If you are planning to have a cave party, then choose an appropriate cave, clean it & decorate it, arrange everything you need for your party. Hire a bus to pick your guests up and bring to the destination and have fun.

Invitation cards for 21 st birthday party

Whether you choose a theme party or an alcohol party or a beach party, you will have to invite your guests for your birthday party, and thus, you will need a suitable invitation card for your guests. Choosing a perfect invitation card is

very important as it is considered the reflection of your party. Try to match it according to your party theme and include all the necessary information they need to know.Remember one thing, try to send invitation cards two weeks earlier than your birthday party. 

21st birthday gift ideas for guys

Gifts are the best part of a birthday. Everybody expects an unusual & unique, beautiful & useful gift for oneself. So the choice of a birthday gift should be a unique one. Here are some beautiful and unique gifts which most of the guys prefer for their 21st birthday. So let’s have a look at those:

  • Cocktail Book
  • Apple Stock Gift Card
  • Mixology Set
  • Home Brew Kit
  • Poker Set
  • GPS Keyring Tracker
  • Raspberry Pi Starter Kit

21st birthday gift ideas for girls

Girls birthday gift

Girls birthday gift

Girl’s choice of gifts is always unique than boys. They are very picky about their gifts. Here are some unique & popular gift ideas for 21st birthday girls.

  • Sterling Birthstone Cuff
  • Inspire Bracelet
  • Leather Travel Jewelry Case
  • For The Girls Purse Mirror Set
  • Hidden Message Bar Necklace
  • Infinite Pearl and Diamond Necklace
  • Picture Perfect Multi Photo Color changing mug

Return gifts for the guests

A gift always brings pleasure if it is unique and useful enough. A return gift for your guests can be a better idea to make your 21st birthday party look more beautiful and attractive. Try to select unique & useful gifts for your guests. Here are some ideas for you to help you make your choice a little easier.

  • Mini Toiletries 
  • Mini Alcohol sets
  • Hangover kit
  • Jams, sauces, and honey jars
  • Crockery/cutlery with a history
  • Personalized cookies, cakes, and chocolates
  • Coffee + tea samples

21st birthday celebration without friends

If you have no friends, you are all alone, thinking of what to do for your 21st birthday, how to celebrate it without friends. Then we want to give you some fantastic ideas that will help you overcome this emptiness & help you enjoy your birthday in the best way.

Go for a charity

When you have no friends and don’t know what to do for your 21st birthday, I suggest you go for a charity. Why don’t you start a new journey with some good works? It will give you peace and happiness too.

Celebrate your birthday with your family

If you have a family, you are blessed. Try to spend your birthday with your family. It will also make your bonding strong with your family and will remove all your emptiness.

Go somewhere you always wanted to:

When you have no friends, and you want to celebrate your birthday the fullest, then you can go somewhere you ever wanted to.

Go for an outing with family members

If you plan to spend time with your family, why don’t you prepare for a tour? It will be fun for them and you too.

Watch your favorite movie in the theater

You can go to the theater to watch a movie you always wanted to but couldn’t make time for it. Now it’s time you can enjoy that on your 21st birthday when you have no friends at all.

Do something exciting

To make your birthday more exciting, you can do something you have never thought about doing, like jumping from a bridge, jumping from a plane, having a tattoo, etc.

Treat yourself in a 5-star restaurant

You can even treat yourself to make the day special. You can book a 5-star restaurant,  and give yourself a treat, gifts and all.There is no need to worry if you have no friends. Still, there are a lot of people around you for whom you mean

a lot. Spending time with them will make your day much more beautiful.

Cautions for 21st birthday

There are some matters you should be careful about for your 21st birthday; you need to keep in mind:

  • Try to avoid going out a week before your birthday as it will make you tired, so you won’t fully enjoy your birthday.
  • Try to avoid drinking excess as it will make you sick for the next two days. So try to drink less.
  • Check your balance twice before you are going out for your birthday party to avoid such an inconvenient situation like going out to buy a drink with your friends, and you suddenly realize your wallet is all empty!!

Family dinner

21st Birthday Family dinner

21st Birthday Family dinner

No matter how you celebrate your day, what you do for your 21st birthday, you should try to have dinner with your family. Spending quality time with your family on your birthday will make them more than happy. It will also show the

love, the gratitude you have for them.As you are tired of the whole day’s stress, having a light dinner with family, a little chit-chat, watching a movie after dinner with your family will increase the closeness. It will surely complete you and your day as well. 

Things to remember

Adulthood appears with a lot of responsibilities, and when you are turning 21, that means you are adult enough to hold these responsibilities on you. Responsibilities are not bindings. These are to help you to make your future better. 

So It’s time you set your goal for your future, instead of wasting time in parties and drinks and all. You can prepare yourself for your bright future by involving yourself in some constructive ideas, which can be a medium for your upcoming success. In this way, you can turn your 21st birthday into a blessing.

Bottom lines:

A birthday that comes once a year is a big issue for everyone. So everybody wants to enjoy it with full of excitement. A day with no tensions, no worries, only enjoyment, doesn’t that sound great?To make your day exclusive, we have

disclosed all the beautiful and unique ideas we had so far and brought an end to your worry about what to do for your 21st birthday with this article. We hope these ideas are good enough to make you happy and rock your party. Advance Happy Birthday on behalf of the author.

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